My American Wrestling Federation Experience

January 28, 2013


My AWF Experience By Eric Darsie Saturday, January 19th, 2013 – Coon Rapids, Minnesota – Coon Rapids High School – Being only connected to the World Wrestling Entertainment for any wrestling promotions nowadays, I never heard of the American Wrestling Federation, the AWF, until one of my co-workers mentioned to me about them when we […]

Be a Macho Man in the Sky

November 4, 2012


Be a Macho Man in the Sky By Eric Darsie Once upon a time or two, Beverly Hills and I were joined by a few fans when we went to see the wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage on his rap tour when he came through Saint Cloud, Minnesota, on the “Be a Man” tour.  […]

Here Missing You

November 2, 2012


Here Missing You Sitting here in my locked room With a book and iPod on shuffle A song came on into my headphones Had me thinking about you I’m sittin’ here missing you All the memories we share Laughter and tears tied in with each other Yet I’m sittin’ here missing you Rainy days make […]

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Cold November Rain

October 30, 2012


Cold November Rain   It was a cold November rain That fell upon me that lonely dark night Hard conversation I was placed in Embarrassed and battered from me choosing wrong Putting back to right was their reasoning Living a God-Centered Life, once again   Losing my swagger to style and profile Because my fleshy […]

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A Chicago Made Bus Ride

October 29, 2012


A Chicago Made Bus Ride By Eric Darsie Traveling to Chicago with Beverly Hills, we had a ton planned.  Met up at the Old School Wrestling Podcast Empire to talk to the co-owners, the Black Cat and Dre, to discuss some great Chicago superstars and some awesome Chicago wrestling.  Being from Minnesota, Black Cat had […]

That Saturday Night

October 28, 2012


That Saturday Night Checking you out from across the room, My mind runs laps around the beauty found. An internal battle rages within While I debate if I should try. I know you realize I’m over here And I found you over there; Everyone knows of the marvelous beauty you withhold, How it shines for […]

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1,372 Easy Steps to Being the Absolute Best in the World at What You Do

October 12, 2012


1,372 Easy Steps to Being the Absolute Best in the World at What You Do   That cold December night when you unified the WCW and WWF titles, I fell in love Originally I hated your whiny character But the Walls of Jericho of my heart cracked to “With the Fire”   Your first two […]

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